About us

austinroadsI am the webmaster for bulkcandyvendor.com and clawesome.org.

I started this local vending company in order to do something that would potentially be able to make a difference in the world that my 7 year old daughter is growing up in.

Our goal is to be able to build a sustainable operation that can consistently raise money for charity month after month, year after year and generation to generation.

We offer vending machines for soda candy and toys. We also offer honor boxes for 50 cent candy and/or full size snack boxes that offer $1.25 snacks that are about twice the size of our lollipop boxes.

We are now also offering claw machines and arcade games that you can win prizes from called redemption games. Click here to learn more about that.

To have an honor box or vending machine placed at your location please fill out the form here on our website.

Thank you for considering Bulk Candy Vendor as your vending machine company!

We appreciate your business and to show our thanks will give back a portion of proceeds to local charities every single month.


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