Honor Boxes: Candy for a Cause!


I am so excited about our new honor box program designed to raise money for women’s breast cancer!

Our Pink Ribbon and American Association for Lost Children honor boxes are being put out this month to help raise money for these causes.

When you see a box out on the front counter or next to the cash register then you can feel good about donating to a worthy cause.

For every box that we have out we donate money directly to women’s breast cancer reasearch or to the American Association for Lost Children.

You will know what cause you are contributing towards by looking at the box.

We have even have nice pink ones for pink ribbon, now!

You will be able to get 3 lollipops or peices of candy for a dollar or $.50 each.


If you have limited vending options at your place of work then you can reach out to me directly to ask about a snack box for your break room that will also help raise money for women’s breast cancer research.

Snacks are $1.25 and range from candy bars and chips to granola and protein bars.

We hope to be able to contribute more money to charity each and every single month by expanding our network of honor box locations. You can help!


If you have already let us place an honor box at your location then we can’t thank you enough and you should look forward to getting your shout out on Facebook after our first collection from your business.

If you have not had an honor box placed at your place of business then please use the form to contact us to let us know!

Together we can contribute to awesome causes in Austin, TX!!

austin skyline1


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