Snack Box Program


We are so excited to roll out our newest program designed to help raise money for the Women’s Breast cancer and Parkinson Disease using Honor Snacks!

Similar to our candy for a cause honor boxes, our snack honor boxes are larger cardboard snack boxes that display the current charity that we are supporting.

The box includes things like full size candy bars and chips to granola bars or other healthier options.

If you want a particular snack in your office box then just let us know by filling out the form, emailing me, or letting me know when you see me!

The items in the snack box will sell for $1.25 each.

Some smaller items will be 2 for $1.25 and will usually be taped together.

Every snack box will contribute a portion of proceeds to a dedicated cause like Parkinson Disease, American Association for Lost Children or Breast Cancer.



We service your location and we are responsible for everything so that you do not have to life a finger or every worry about a thing.

If snacks go missing without payment then you are not held responsible.

If we notice a high missing rate of product then we will simply post a small note on the box asking people to pay for their things and if the that rate ever becomes too high then we simply remove the box and put at a new location.

If the box goes missing or is stolen then you are not responsible.

Sometimes these things happen, although rarely. If they do happen then you are not responsible at all, ever, no matter what.

My phone number is on the back of the box so you will be able to call me if you need to request a certain snack or if the box is low before my next refill.


I know how valuable your time is and therefore if your box becomes low or empty more then once, before my refill date, then I will bring you a larger box so that you never have to call or worry about it getting too low, ever again!

This is a great solution for businesses that may not have room for a vending machine, don’t want to deal with maintenance or restocking a machine, maybe a machine is too expensive or there is not enough traffic to make it worth it.

It keeps your employees moral high and saves time. It is great for customers because a customer with a full stomach is a lot more likely to be patient and say “Yes!”

Our Snack boxes require nothing of you and are refilled each and every week, ever 2 weeks or every 3 weeks by me, depending on how fast you go through them!

There is no maintenance required because we handle everything from restocking and keeping everything looking nice.

It allows you the opportunity to raise money for a good cause without actually spending anything  and is a good way to let your employees and customers know that you care about charity.

It does not require you to spend a single time or use any of your valuable time because we take care of everything.

If you want a snack box for charity on the honor system at your location then please fill out the contact form here on our website. You can also email or call 5125693714 and ask for T.K.

We also have candy machines, soda machines, claw machines, toy machines, sticker machines and redemption games.

Each and every machine is dedicated to a specific charity for the life of the box/machine and so they all contribute a little towards charity.

Help us get as many locations as possible to see how much money we can raise, together!

Any business that chooses to get involved will be listed in our public directory online with a shout out on our facebook page and will have the chance to be featured in our upcoming youtube channel!


Thank you so much for your support and have a great day!